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Cc miner monero

cc miner monero

Follow this tutorial to learn how to install and configure Monero GPU Mining using a Nvidia GTX GPU and the Ccminer software on a. CCminer. На данный момент ССminer не поддерживает CryptonightV8! 20 ноября xmr-stak-amd / xmr-stak-nvidia / xmr-stak-cpu. И так популярный майнер для nvidia (cuda) ccminer by tsiv. На который чуть ниже будет ссылка. Внимание! Monero перешли на новый алгоритм.

Cc miner monero

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Cc miner monero курсы обмена валют франк cc miner monero

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The only thing you need to change is to add your Monero payment address. You can also change your pool if you wish to mine in a different pool. For an example of how a correct batch file should look with address included:.

Once you have all the correct information filled in, save the file and then simply double click to start the ccminer program. If all goes well you should be on your way to mining Monero! Dashboard Market cap News. Your folder will contain the following files: Next we are going to create a new Windows Batch File to easily start ccminer with the desired commands.

Recent news. XMR Almost everything that happened in the Monero community in November Example: xvg-yiimp. The above sample config file is what basically you need to create for any coin and here is the explanation.

You can input anything there which is only for your identification See worker details. Pool connection details stratum connection and port — Where do I get this information? While you know how to create wallet address for a particular coin where do you fetch pool connection details? To get pool connectivity information you must first decide on the mining pool. Copy it and this info goes next to -o in your.

Example: ccminer-x While the above configuration is similar for all coins and applies to all mining pools there are some pools that does require registration. For this first you need to register on the particular pool and create a worker that will be used by the miner to login. If you head to getting started page of the mining pool then you can find the instructions on how to configure the miner. Worker is nothing but your miners.

For example miningrig1, miningrig2 or you can also specify them based on cards such as gtxti or gtx etc. Extras: Tips and Tricks Till this part all the basic details that are needed to configure ccminer has been covered. We hope now you have an idea on how to setup and use ccminer. Now lets get in to some extra settings that you can input in your miner configuration. Intensity is a setting which you can input anywhere usually at the end within your miner configuration. So what is it and when it is needed?

When you start to mine you may experience your computer being laggy; particularly when you mine using your primary video card. So by lowering the intensity you can reduce the stress of the GPU thus making things more responsive. This way you can do other activities or even do intensive work while your computer is still mining.

Not only that but this setting is also useful in increasing the mining performance. Increase or decrease this settings to see which works best for you. Intensity is basically telling the miner how many calculations that your GPU should be assigned. In most cases that is to keep your PC usable it is fine to leave it by default that is setting automatic intensity. This is one of the common questions which we see in discussion boards.

How do I configure ccminer to use only 1 GPU and game using other? Where 0 is GPU number 1 and 2, 3, 4, 5 and 6 respectively. You can utilize the other GPU for different coin or algorithm by specifying -d 2 in its batch file. Also at times the app crashes imminently after you open and in such instance make sure you are not overclocking your GPU too much.

Always start from default clock settings when your GPU mines a new algorithm. Increase it gradually from there. Proper GPU clocking and latest drivers should fix most of the mining releated issues. In addition to this sometimes the command window keeps instantly closing without any notice and it might be due to incorrect configuration.

Now the miner will be left open for you to see why its failing. It should say GPU invalid argument or something similar. If so take the necessary steps and try to run the miner again. We hope this guide has covered everything related to ccminer. There are chances that we might have left some mistakes here and there. If there is something wrong in this post or if there is something specific that we missed out about CCMiner then please let us know in comments section. See you in next guide.

Until then keep Mining Blocks! Hi, Henson. Sorry for the late reply. Check out this guide. Nice Guide for the beginners. I want to know some more things about the setting for more than 1 algo. I want to mine 2 NeoScrypt coins that will switch automatically after 4 hours. Sure, it is possible. All you need to do is create a.

Hello, excellent guide for a beginner like me! I managed to make my graphics card work thanks to you, I have an amd fx processor and I would like to take advantage of a part with the graphics card. I hope in your help if available, Thanks. Your email address will not be published. Notify me of follow-up comments by email. Show More. We regularly publish content about Bitcoin, Ethereum, Altcoins, wallet guides, mining tutorials and trading tips.

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Cc miner monero что нужно для майнинга биткоин

How to mine cryptocurrency. Part 1: CPU mining Monero with XMRig on MineXMR.

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